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A Wild in Art event brought to you by The Murray Parish Trust.

A Wild Walk On The Downs

A Wild Walk On The Downs

The Details

Name: A Wild Walk On The Downs

Location: Horse & Rider Sculpture, Law Courts, Winchester

Created By: Rachael Alexander

Sponsor: Stagecoach South

Design Inspiration

The Hampshire downs provides us with an amazing natural wild resource and is fantastic inspiration for painting and drawing. My proposed artwork is designed to be joyful and fun. The wild flora will be painted in vibrant colours using techniques that are lively and spontaneous, creating the illusion of ‘layers’, with open countryside in the background. The design will also contain animals and birds that you would find in this habitat. Some will be obvious whist some will be a little harder to find providing an ‘i-spy’ element for all ages to enjoy.

Hares of Hampshire