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Chalk Stream River Itchen

Chalk Stream River Itchen

The Details

Name: Chalk Stream River Itchen

Location: The Weirs Riverside Walk 1, Winchester

Created By: Wendy Bramall

Sponsor: Paultons Park

Design Inspiration

My Hampshire Hare design depicts the wildlife and plants that live along the river Itchen and Hampshire chalk streams, which flow through Winchester. An otter chases a brown trout , a water vole hides in the weeds along with frogs and newts. A Grayling swims nearby. Diving beetles,Dragonfly larva and Mayfly live amongst the stones and Flag iris,Water crowfoot, Marsh marigold and Purple loosestrife grow along the banks and in the water. Above flies a Kingfisher with swallows in the sky whilst a Kestral hovers overhead.

Hares of Hampshire