Murray Parish Trust
Wild in Art

A Wild in Art event brought to you by The Murray Parish Trust.



The Details

Name: Oriana

Location: Holyrood Church, Southampton

Created By: Sally Goodden

Sponsor: Ineos

Design Inspiration

Oriana (meaning new dawn) is all about hope and renewal – what we need after the lockdowns! She is painted in joyful rainbow colours, with metallic highlighted details to glint in the sunshine. The spiral is a strong symbol of new beginnings, portrayed here in the ammonite and emerging ferns. Daffodils, daisies and the lotus flower all symbolise renewal, as does the Zibu symbol on the bridge of her nose. The leaping hare created from young saplings, and the butterfly, continue this invigorating theme, along with the phases of the moon, so often associated with hares and renewal.

Hares of Hampshire