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Wild in Art

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The Details

Name: Rusty

Location: Civic Centre, Southampton

Created By: Allison Allan

Sponsor: The Marlands Shopping Centre

Design Inspiration

Southampton has a rich naval history, hence the rusty old anchor and chains. There are too many incredible moments too try and mention so I chose to capture the HMS Victory of Admiral Nelson from the Battle of Trafalgar. Did you know that the prototype of the famous and much beloved Spitfire first took to the air at Southampton Airport on 5 March 1936? I felt it was fitting to pay tribute to this aircraft which played such a huge role in winning the war.
It is said that the souls of dead sailors are carried by seagulls and sparrows carry the souls of the dead too. They are gently swooping around the spitfires to show that the souls of the pilots are cared for.
To incorporate Winchester I thought that reflecting the magnificent round table hanging in the ancient great hall, in Rusty’s eyes, would be perfect.
Who doesn’t know the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the round table and the equally famous Excalibur which takes pride of place in the hares proud ears.

Hares of Hampshire