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A Wild in Art event brought to you by The Murray Parish Trust.

Painting a Giant Hare – an Artist’s Impression

Jenny is a community driven artist who creates art projects and online workshops for all sorts of different companies and charities.

When Jenny took on this latest project, to paint our Hares of Hampshire Hero Hare, she had a fairly open brief and used images from Winchester as the basis for her design, including Winchester Cathedral and the famed Round Table. We love it!

Painting a giant hare or any animal is quite an unusual canvas and some parts can be tricky to paint especially awkward areas that can be easy to miss such as the front feet or underbelly!

“I always make sure all my edges meet so the landscape doesn’t just drop off into nothing but actually wraps itself around the 3D canvas. This makes for some interesting perspective challenges when it comes to painting structures or buildings across curved edges, but with a bit of artistic licence you can get away with a few things!”

Painting our giant Hares of Hampshire hare took Jenny around 30 hours using Valspar mixed paints, liquitex acrylic paints and posca pens for the outlining.

We asked Jenny’s thoughts about the Hares of Hampshire project and what kind of an impact it will make on the city during the event –

As with all Wild in Art projects, their impact on the local community is so exciting when they go out live during a summer. It’s a great way to get some exercise and explore your own city to find them all. They also tend to bring a lot of tourism to the place and something to talk about. It’s always lovely to see families sending me their selfies of the sculptures when they are out on the streets.

If you are an artist thinking about getting involved in our Hares of Hampshire public art event in 2022, Jenny has some great advice;

“Just go for it! Even if you think you are too young and inexperienced (or too old with no experience!), put in a design, it’s a great project to be a part of and there’s a really good community of artists out there who do these projects. They all end up really different on the trail so it ‘s so nice to see the original variation of ideas that artists come up with for these giant creatures! It’s also really good practice for being a full time artist and you’ll get your work seen by literally thousands of people. Plus the auctions are really exciting events and you never know who you might meet there who likes your work and wants some more! AND you’ll be raising money for charity. It’s a win win so get your pens out and start drawing on those hare templates what have you got to lose?”

Get in touch with us at if you would like to paint a hare for us!

Hares of Hampshire