Murray Parish Trust
Wild in Art

A Wild in Art event brought to you by The Murray Parish Trust.

Harestock Primary School

Harestock Primary School is thrilled to be taking part in the Hares of Hampshire art trail, the theme couldn’t be more fitting for us! We are always keen to be a part of creative community projects and know that the children will really value the opportunity to be a part of something so exciting and which will result in such positive cultural contributions to the county. 

At Harestock, we are passionate that every child does matter. Together with our school community we can empower the children to believe in their abilities and strive to do their best. Being happy, confident and motivated are values that we believe are core to the school environment and will enable the boundaries to their learning to be stretched. Every child deserves to enjoy school life and we endeavour to create a safe, inclusive and caring environment in which all learners can thrive.  

Our mission, here at Harestock, is that everyone is valued, inspired and nurtured on their individual journey of success. Our vision is for all pupils to become confident and motivated: enabling all to reach their full potential as responsible citizens skilled for the 21st century. Our aim is to provide a stimulating environment in which each child can develop fully as an individual.  We will help all pupils develop their personal and social skills and achieve their full academic potential.  We will encourage them to be independent and resourceful whilst also valuing and considering the needs and feelings of others. 

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