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Hazel Wood Infant School

Our most recent Ofsted inspection described us as an outstanding school, which we were very happy about. We intend to do everything we can to maintain our outstanding status and continue to improve.

We believe the best way to educate children is by providing a happy, caring and positive environment. We encourage everyone to achieve their best and strive for high standards in teaching, learning and behaviour.

Each child is helped to:

Develop a lively and enquiring mind, to grow in imagination and sensitivity by encouraging understanding, awareness and curiosity about the world;
Acquire knowledge, skills, confidence and self-esteem;
To develop and adopt personal and moral values, ensuring that everyone equally enjoys respect and consideration.

This is done by:

Equipping each child with the necessary skills in all areas of the curriculum with a strong emphasis on listening, reading, writing, communication and mathematics;
Encouraging parents to take a full and active part in their child’s education;
Developing good working relationships between parents, staff and governors.

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