Murray Parish Trust
Wild in Art

A Wild in Art event brought to you by The Murray Parish Trust.

Oliver’s Battery Primary School

As our motto ‘Creative, Confident, Caring Learners for Life’ suggests, Oliver’s Battery Primary School is full of creatively-minded children and staff members, and takes pride in an enriching curriculum involving our very own forest school, edible garden, and outdoor yurt – key features that are well loved and cherished by our school community.

The Hares of Hampshire project is a great way for us to combine our creativity with our keen interest in matters of the outdoors to exemplify what Oliver’s Battery Primary School is all about, and will allow our pupils the invaluable opportunity to take part in the development and execution of a project that they can take real pride and ownership of collectively. We always strive to build on the confidence, creativity, and team-building skills of our children, and our contribution to this project will not only encourage this, but manifest into an outcome that is rewarding for all.

Hares of Hampshire