Murray Parish Trust
Wild in Art

A Wild in Art event brought to you by The Murray Parish Trust.

The Henry Beaufort School

The Henry Beaufort School was honoured and grateful that Stagecoach who sponsored a Leveret, donated to our school community. We are very much looking forward to being a part of the Hares of Hampshire art trail which has been organised by the Murray Parish Trust charity.


The Henry Beaufort School was built in 1971 as the first purpose-built, co-educational, comprehensive school in Winchester, and now serves over 1000 students, all 11-16. The Henry Beaufort School encourage students to take part in enrichment activities in order to fulfil their potential, whether it is within sport or the expressive arts. Our students are resilient learners who take pride in being confident, articulate young citizens. We have an active Whole School Student Council who will be taking the lead and co-ordinating this exciting project and they will enjoy the challenge.


This project will allow the whole school community to come together in what is a really special year for the school as we are celebrating our 50th Year of inclusive education at the Henry Beaufort School.

Hares of Hampshire